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TIPS for surviving your kitchen remodel!

Set up a temporary kitchen BEFORE demolition. This will ensure that you have everything that you will need from the start. Organization here may help you feel more in control while you’re under construction. Preplanned frozen meals make for easy reheating. Disposal cutlery and plates will also make clean up easier in the short term. Access to your refrigerator, microwave and countertop appliances could be planned in this temporary area. Take advantage of the barbeque. Eating out? Yes, this will be the time! Soon, you will enjoy your meals cooked at home in your beautiful, new kitchen!

Communication is key throughout the process. If something isn’t as expected or is misunderstood, say something (the sooner the better)! It’s a lot easier to adjust or change something earlier on in the process, if necessary. Work with your project manager on how best to communicate.

Help keep your kids and pets safe from the construction zone. Keep doors and work areas closed and locked or blocked off whenever possible to avoid exposing them to power tools, wires and other hazards. Also, we want to avoid pets accidentally getting out with all the construction traffic.

It’s important to be available to your contractor for questions throughout the remodel (via phone, text, e-mail or virtual meetings). Some homeowners choose to take a break from the disruption and leave the home. Questions do arise that will need your input throughout the work week.

Designate one room a construction-free area. During construction, you’ll have minimal or no access to your kitchen and a lot of mess. Your construction-free zone can be a place where you go to escape the noise, dust and disturbances during the day.

Remodeling Trends 2022



Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling BLOG

“Keystone Kitchens, Inc. is a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Woodinville, Washington. We’re family owned and proud of our experienced employees that work as a team to create beautiful spaces every day.”

19510 144th Avenue NE, Suite A7
Woodinville, WA 98072


Consider one or more focal points. Focal points are areas of interest, emphasis, or difference within the space that capture and hold your attention. A range, hood, backsplash, center island or accent countertop are all examples focal points. Other objects in the room should support and not compete with the decided focal point(s).


Visible grain on timber, brushed metals, honed, leathered, or textured countertops add depth and create a layered look with tactile materials.


Neutral-colored cabinetry and earthier tones can work well and create a timeless scheme that may feel homey and calming. Neutrals do have undertones which can include shades of blue, yellow, green, red, and violet. Sometimes, neutrals can be incompatible with other colors.


Islands continue to gain popularity in the kitchen (if there’s room) as they provide circulation for multiple people and provide additional counter space for prep, eating and entertaining. Sightlines are desirable with this feature. Forty-two to 48” are comfortable dimensions for clearance.


When it comes to storage, consider ease of use and accessibility. Full extension, soft-close drawers, pullouts, spice and trash pullouts have gained popularity in the kitchen. Take inventory of your kitchen items, the importance and frequency of use and plan storage around your working triangle (sink, refrigerator, cooktop). Seasonal and infrequently used items can be stored at harder-to-reach locations and further away from that important work triangle.


To create harmony, consider the 60-30-10 rule! Sixty percent of the room will be a base color; 30 percent acts an accent color and 10 percent is reserved for a burst of color.


Today, many homeowners are pulling away from uniformity and embracing contrast with two-toned kitchens. This is an opportunity to play with color, layer neutrals or vary tonality of a single color.

Remodeling Trends 2020


May 2020

Kitchen and Bathroom
Remodeling BLOG

“Keystone Kitchens, Inc. is a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Woodinville, Washington. We’re family owned and proud of our experienced employees that work as a team to create beautiful spaces every day.”

19510 144th Avenue NE, Suite A7
Woodinville, WA 98072


Today, the kitchen is a multifunctional space. It is a cooking/baking center, entertainment hub, home office, homework station and simply a gathering space. Wall removal is gaining popularity to create an open floor plan with the kitchen at the center of the home serving so many functions. Design aesthetics are very important, and the open floor plan concept should feel connected with the other rooms in your home with good design.


The timeless shaker style features a flat inside panel and a plain raised square frame. This is such a simple, versatile look. It can easily be incorporated in transitional, modern, contemporary and farmhouse kitchens. Some variations to this style may include a beveled inside edge detail or wider rails and stiles.


When it comes to cabinetry and countertops, I always have longevity in mind. We have been remodeling kitchens with various shades of grey for a couple decades now and navy for about a decade. These really are not trends; they are part of a classic color palette.


Open shelves are a wonderful opportunity for displaying dishes or personal items in your kitchen and bathroom. When done well, they can create a sense of openness and break the heaviness cabinetry may have. Number of shelves, thickness, edge detail and corners all can have an impact on the overall feeling of the space.


Task lighting is one of the most critical lighting types in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a work space, it’s important to have the right lighting in the right spots to enable you to work safely. Since your countertop is generally your workspace, consider the light source above. LED (lighting-emitting diodes) lighting under the cabinets is a great source of lighting that improves functionality and environment in the kitchen. LEDs produce brighter light than other types of bulbs while using less energy.

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